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I plan to ride from Sarasota to Key West in March, 2015. Once again this is on hold. If anyone is interested in going along, email me and let's get going! Looking at early fall, 2015.

I started riding standard diamond frame 10 speed road bikes in 1972. As I progressed from short trips to large, long distance events I eventually got into time trials, and finally road races. In 2012 back problems forced me into recumbents. One of my first questions was: Are these faster or slower than what I have been riding? And of course I speculated recumbents would be faster on flat terrain and probably much slower on climbs. Given that I had to get a recumbent, the initial questions were: stick design or s-frame? Long wheel base or short wheel base? I searched for actual performance data on these designs, and other than manufacturer data found basically nothing. And not to disparage recumbent brand sales hype, but what was available seemed vague at best.

I first purchased a recumbent trike and found it eliminated my back problems. I then proceeded  to buy recumbent bikes: both an S-frame, the Performer 700c High Racer; and a stick design, the Bacchetta Corsa. In both cases I purchased the frame only so I could build with components I preferred. Looking at pricing on complete recumbents makes no sense to me but that is a very long story requiring more space than I have here. So, at the bottom of the page is a table containing, among other things, a link to actual time trial data on several different bikes. The only constant is the rider, and in some cases even that is not constant since, ceteris paribus, speed is inversely correlated with age.

Since this is a personal web site, there also links to family and friends. When it comes to friends, I am trying to reconnect with some of them that I haven't heard from in decades. Some sadly are gone, while others I have not found. But I have managed to find some, and there are pictures of them on that link.
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