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On my bike as a kid
On my bike in Dayton,  Ohio  - circa 1952
On my bike in 2014
On my bike in Florida, 2014

After 25 years in the mainframe and super-computer industry followed by 20 years of Microsoft PC's as a hobby, I have finally managed to leave the dark side and migrate to an iMac. It's been generally an interesting trip, fraught at times with episodes of frustration, but overall probably less than what a traveler going the other way would have to endure. I have had to abandon the tools I used to create the original site, but have found some excellent replacements, notably Kompozer. If you ever use an iMac to create your own site I highly recommend it, and it's free!

Finally, please note that, unlike facebook, I do not collect personal information on you, nor do I prompt you to turn over all the personal information you have on your friends. So -  this is the private and "spam free zone".

*** Plans are now for March of 2015 - Email if you'd like to go along ***
I am hoping to ride from Osprey, Fl to Key West sometime in 2015. If you'd like to join me, please click on the link below entitled: "Bike Osprey To Key West". And while I no longer sea kayak, there is also a link to the"Sea Kayak to Key West" trip I and several others took in 2002. What is it about Key West that I keep finding unique and unusual ways to get there?
*** Plans are now for March of 2015 - Email if you'd like to go along ***

This is a personal web site, so the stuff on family and friends is still here. Living in Florida keeps me constantly aware that time is running out. Every year we lose friends and fellow cyclists. Before I depart myself I'd like to re-connect with as many old friends as I can, and clicking on the link at the bottom of the page takes you to pictures of those I have found, as well as those I am still trying to find, as well as those who sadly are not here to be found.

What I ride now, and a link to a table of relative performance of these three (see Other Stuff on the site) :

Performer 700C
Performer 700C H.R.
Bacchetta Corsa
The Bacchetta Corsa
JC70 Trike
The Performer JC-70AL

Other stuff on the site:
Bike Osprey to Key West
Relative Recumbent Performance Data
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Sea Kayak Trip to Key West
Family and Friends
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