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Last Update: March 10, 2014

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Site changes, additions, deletions and modifications:

·        More: cycling, less family / friends

·        Add: bike / trike performance Excel data

·        Gone: DIY cycling projects, movie / book reviews

·        Remaining: Old motorcycling and sea kayaking stuff

·        Sarasota > Key West by bike, link at bottom of page


Welcome to my home on the web. This site now deals mostly with recumbent cycling, including manufacturers, design, set-up, riding and relative performance. Specifically, I attempt to replace “seat of the pants” observations with numbers. For example, does an S-frame high racer from manufacturer A, ceteris paribus, outperform a Stick-frame design from manufacturer B? Yes, I know, all ceteris are never paribus in the real world. But I attempt to hold as much as possible constant in an effort to roughly quantify these questions.


Please note, the word “roughly” does not mean “with great precision”. So to have meaningful numbers, many observations are needed, far more than I have at this point. If you have some times and comparisons, please forward them and I’ll include them, with proper attribution to you of course, herein. Eventually, I hope to come to some sort of reliable conclusion about these things, but it takes time. Meantime, preliminary results are in the link “TT Times” at the bottom of the page. I plan to add times on a weekly basis as they become available so check back.


Beyond one bike or design vs another is the question of the merit of various set-up variables and component selection. Spoiler alert that most riders already know, my preliminary take on this is excessive amounts of money spent to slightly reduce weight seldom results in much, if any, performance increase, even on wheels. That doesn’t mean we (me included) won’t buy the best and most expensive components on the market, it’s just that we rapidly reach a point of diminishing returns for our money. If you race, then small improvements often mean the difference between last and first place, so “loose the hounds” on spending!


Shake up a martini (I prefer Tanqueray gin), peruse the links below and don’t be shy about emailing me with comments or objections to anything you find here.




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The Patron Saint of Bicyclists.

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