Family and Friends
(A mishmash of the  Lost, Found and sadly - Gone)

the feet
May, 2015
Left to Right: Christian (age 13), Aaron (age 10), Dad (age 41), Grandpa (age 68)

The family:
Scott with Christian, my first Grandson
Scott, Christian > 2002
^Scott and family 2011
Scott, Aaron, Christian, Melissa in SW Ohio, 2011
^The Boys
Scott, Me, Aaron, Christian (front) at the Greene, 2011
^Lenoard Gates
My maternal Grandfather, Leonard Gates, circa 1935, with his dog Sport. If today I love the outdoors, I learned it from him.

My Vette
Education and Work:
Through the web I've found lots of lost friends. Probably most of the rest of the lost will never be found or have died. Still, if you were in the Army in the mid-sixties from Ohio, or attended Wright State University or The Ohio State University, or worked at any of several of the companies listed below, then look for familiar faces. You would think this is the charter of facebook, but sadly they have another agenda. I know many people love it, but for a variety of reasons I don't, hence this page.

As to high school, I attended Belmont and graduated in 1964. But I spent my sophmore and junior years at Patterson so I am not as likely to find many of my friends as someone who spent all four years at Belmont. After college I worked in the computer industry at the following companies (Most have either been absorbed into competitors or died an agonizing death in the birth of the digital age):
  • Burroughs Corporation - Later merged with Univac to form Unisys
  • Digital Equipment (DEC) - Later bought by Compaq, which subsequently was bought by HP
  • NCR Corporation - Still kicking, but now in Georgia.
  • Concurrent Computer Corporation - Re-invented itself as a lottery Co. and also now in Georgia
  • Silicon Graphics Incorporated (SGI) - Had the most potential, but failed and the campus is now a computer museum.
So many people from these companies that I couldn't begin to recall them all here, but I'll get a list out soon.

Some of the found from NCR are:

Peggy Bihr, Jim Dell, Gene Huch, Cody Collier, Royce Calloway (found 15 years ago and the lost again).

So below are non-career friends, both found and to be found:

Found: Greg Blume an old family friend from my mid-sixties motorcycling period:
Greg Matchless
Greg on his 650 Matchless, circa 1966.
Linda and I get together with Greg for the first time in over 30 years, Ohio 2012.

L-R: Carol Moore, Me (on leave from army), Greg, Tink > November, 1966

Gang In Garage
Same group in garage with my BSA 650 Thunderbolt > 1966.

"To be found": John Plummer.
Last I heard, he lives in Dunedin, Fl

Harley Sidecar
John and I: Circa 1965 with John's
Harley sidecar and my BSA.

Gone: Stephanie Noble, 1947 to 1999.
Sadly, Stephanie lost her six year battle with breast cancer.
Stephanie Noble
Stephanie at my house, 1985.
Steph Me Singapore
Stephanie and I stop in Singapore on our return from Bali, Indonesia, 1994.

Found: Jim Tamme.
Tamme Me
Jim Tamme and I met the day we were drafted. Here we are at my grandparent's house while on leave after basic training, 1966.
Jim and Time todayJ
Jim (L) and husband Tim visiting Linda and I in March of 2009.

Here's two "to be found" from my time with the 8th Army in South Korea:

Short Board
Jim Zarlino (Zee) passes me the "Short Timer's
board before heading home to Pa.
Jim Boss
Jim Boss, got to Korea a few months before I
rotated home. Last I talked to Jim was 1969
when I was in Chicago after he got home.

Other Founds:

Other Gones:

Other To Be Founds:

A note on old girlfriends: It's not that I don't want to find them, I just think this category is fraught with danger in so many respects, and most probably don't want me to find them.

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