Paddling the warm clear waters
of the Gulf of Mexico

roll finish
Off Little Gasparila Pass, finishing an eskimo roll, circa 2001

Since moving to Osprey, I mostly paddle this area. The chart shows Midnight Pass to be open, but it is not. Still you can walk the short distance from Little Sarasota Bay to the Gulf in a few seconds. Sadly, the area now is often jammed with power boaters and kayak tours.

little srq bay
When I first started kayaking again after a 9 year hiatus, I bought a little 10' Plastic Pelican seen here on  a sand bar at low tide on Little Sarasota Bay. Casey Key is in the foreground. Since this picture was taken I have purchased a Valley Gemini SP so I can comfortably get back out on the Gulf again. See right  - - - >
Always partial to British boats, I again bought one. Only 14'10" with a 22" beam and lots of rocker, it's designed for rough water and surf play. At Midnight Pass. This is where I often have my morning coffee.

friends on the beach
Jim (R) and Sharon (L) and I paddled out to the Gulf, here a brief stop. Oct 30, 2015.

expanded view of oct 30
Expanded view, all three boats in foreground.

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