A paddle from my then home in Placida, Florida to Key West

Last update: September, 2017


Towards the end of our trip, we cross Florida Bay. Center me, left Dan?

Photo by Joe Mullins


In late 2001 I decided I needed a “great sea kayak adventure”. So I talked some local kayaking friends into joining me in this multi-day paddling adventure. I then designed the above logo, had some t-shirts created and advertised the paddle on my then web site: SeaKayakingSouthWestFlrorida (partly still there, but I haven’t maintained it for years). Several people, some from around the country, joined me for part or all of the trip. The pictures below are from that trip.


Time en route was 18 days. Several people joined us for the first 4 days, others joined for the last few days, one of us was med-evac’d out after a few days, and three of us did the whole trip end to end.


Planning meeting at my house.
Start: Prep / boat load.
First day fog.
One of our many campsites.
Passing gulf coast developed areas.
Evening camp fire on Cape Sable.
A typical camp in the evening.
I kept a log of each days progress / events.

Other kayaking

There were many, many other multi-day kayak trips: Some to Isle Royal, some to Georgian Bay, others to nearly all of the Great Lakes, and the original WaterTribe Race. I miss kayaking, but I doubt I’ll ever get back to it. Basically, the “kayaking period” of my life was from 1993 to 2002. Great times, but in the end I wound up sticking with cycling.

Practicing Rolls in the Gulf

The set up


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