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Last update: December, 2015


December 20, 2015 I came across this unfortunate bobcat shortly after it was hit by a motor vehicle. I'm not blaming anyone, probably the driver never saw it. But it is sad, that after cycling country roads for 43 years I have seen so much dead wildlife along the road. The list includes: armadillos, alligators, deer, wild hogs, hawks, vultures, snakes and much more. Slow down and give 'em a brake.


The following poem, read by the father of the author at a memorial for a friend who was killed while riding sums up the pace line. It was written by Scott Deckebach, and you can visit his web site here. Since it has a common attribution license, I reprint it below:


The Biker's Creed

By Scott Deckeback


When our legs were numb and the wind was strong, we'd grab your wheel.

When the ride was tough or the day was long, we'd grab your wheel.

When the mileage grew and the road was steep, we'd grab your wheel.

And through the creed that bikers keep, you'd give your wheel.


But with the highs must come the lows, as every biker so well knows.

Rides that start off very strong, become quite painful and quite long.

Today the front is not your place, you're weak and can't maintain the pace.

And though you push you've fallen back, and lost your place amongst the pack.


So for all the times you've lead the line, or pulled us through a long hard climb,

or urged us onward through the night, to finish the race at morning light,

we heed the creed and give you our wheel.

Hang on tight, you know the drill.  It's just another sprint - just another hill.



Where (and why) I stop



Above: Aaron, my youngest grandson, stops after a 22 mile ride in Ohio. Ride 2013.


I love to stop for several minutes in remote places while on solo rides. I listen to the wind and watch wildlife. Some cell phone photos of favorite stops are below:



Solo riding:

“The city has a face, the country a soul”

Jacques de Lacretelle

On a ride, especially when you are alone, you can stop, get off your bike, and listen. All you hear is the wind, and that’s all you want to hear. Picture in southwest Ohio. Ride 2010.



Taken with cell tel. This is an early morning shot along M & J Road about 25 miles northeast of our house. Note the low lying fog.

Ride 4/13/13



This time Florida SR 72. I stopped on the return about 20 miles from home and took this picture looking east. The next two pictures were taken at the same time. Note the lack of auto traffic in these pictures.


Same as above only this is looking north. Most bike trails won’t offer this variety of scenery.


The final picture, looking west (toward home). Roundtrip, our house to Arcadia and back to Sarasota: 80 miles. Ride 2013.





Ride from home to the Airport McDonald’s. A rainbow over Sarasota Bay. Cell tel pic again. Ride 7/13/13



Where Clay Gulley Road becomes County Line Road. There is a large fruit farm at this bend and I often stop here to enjoy the view and listen to the wind.  Ride 10/27/13



Same stop as above, looking north on County Line: 56 miles round trip. Ride 10/27/13


On a December 14, 2013 ride through Myaka State Park I notice American Pickers Mercedes van is in the park.


Frankie, one of the stars from the TV show holds my bike. Afterwards he said: “interesting bike, is that one of them uh – recumbent things?”



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